Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker - Pink Color

Our Cat ( nickname ) loves this toy. She can push it, but also loves just having the busy box on the floor to play with dials, door, and push buttons! Since she's 8 months and can only take slow deliberate steps being able to slow the rate the wheels turn gives her security and stability. 

Great product! Was exactly what I was looking for. At 10 months old my little girl was able to walk holding on to furniture and such. So got her this toy to use for free range walking. After about a week of using this she was walking all by herself. I really like the fact that it is small rather than those big bulky ride on walkers that take up to much space. Plus the musical attachment comes off so can still be a fun toy for sitting and playing.  

Vtech sit to stand was exactly what I was looking for. It gave my baby the confidence she needed to take off walking. I thought the two stage wheel-locks was the greatest thing. 

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